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We Fully wire, retrofit, and electrically service small boats and large yachts of all sizes.
  • 24/7 service with service trucks in close proximity to the local marinas.
  • Excellent in troubleshooting charging  Anchor Marine Electricsystems and recommending an alternative.
  • Complete design and installation of every type of marine electrical system including;

    • DDEC -Detroit Diesel Electronic Controlled Engines
    • Caterpiller MPD Electronic Controlled Engines
    • Jastram Electronic Steering (fly by wire)
    • Auto Pilot installs, repairs and setup.
    • Latest in three stage inverter/charger installation.
    • High Output Alternators with three stage regulators.
    • Supply and installation of Navigational Aids
    • Design of House system battery banks.
    • Pre or post purchase electrical survey.
    • Galvanic isolators and the surveying of suspect under protected vessels.
    • Supply Auto Cad drawings of systems installed and serviced.
    • Custom control,electrical, and alarm panels.
    • State of the art battery testing equipment.
    • On board Audio/Video Systems including TV Satellite Antenna installs.
    • Bow Thrusters (Electric and Hydraulic)
    • Hydraulic Stabilizers
We also work very effectively with:
  • ComNav Autopilots
  • Robertson Autopilots
  • Analytic Systems Chargers, Inverters, Power Supplies
  • Jastram Steering
  • Blue Seas Products
  • Xantrex Charger/Inverter, Battery Monitors
  • Magnum Charger/Inverters
  • Victron Charger/Inverter, Battery Monitors
  • Furuno Electronics
  • Auto Shore Dock Power Handling Devises
  • Marine Air Conditioners

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